Gadgets for guys: Cool room gadgets you can buy in 2022

With these cool room gadgets for guys, you can give your home significant smarts. I know that every home is turning smart these days. But what about the individual room? Are the rooms themselves intelligent or smart? It will not happen unless you decorate them with some tech gadgets.

As a solution, I’ve created a list of cool room gadgets for guys that will make your home smarter than you ever imagined. From mood shifting to productivity, these gadgets do their best.

Check out this cool room gadgets for guys you can buy in 2022.

LED infinity cube gadget for guys

Hyperspace Lighting

The HyperCube Nano is a LED light-filled small box-shaped device that turns your room into a party hall. However, this meditative and sound reactive geometric device uses 16m+ color combinations and 95 mesmerizing patterns to create a kaleidoscope effect.

The HyperCube Nano is currently a thing of Kickstarter. A pledge of $150 will get you one!

A500 Mini classic home computer replica gadget for guys

Retro Games

Get entertained with your friends in a classic 80s way with the A500 Mini classic home computer replica. However, this retro game gadget comes with 25 classic Amiga games. Moreover, this 80s gaming device replica also has some advanced architecture features too. As a result, you can use the three USB ports to connect a joystick, mouse, keyboard, and gamepad.

Get it on!

Prone Cushion gadget for guys

Prone cushion

The Prone Cushion is an ergonomic cushion designed for lying down comfortably all day. However, this cushion allows you to lie down with a therapeutic posture that helps to relax your muscle, slow down the heartbeat, and give relief from stress. Moreover, the premium fabric and the multi-layer design offer maximum comfort while reading books or watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

Get it for $129 on Kickstarter.

LEGO succulents gadget for guys


Do you love LEGO and botanical things like flowers and plants? Then this LEGO Succulents 10309 plant decor building kit is perfect for your room. However, you can build up to 9 different plants and floral structures out of it. However, this entire set contains 771 pieces, and each flower has unique and actual color.

Get it on!

Infini fidget gadget for guys

Urban Toy Lab

Feeling bored in your room? Just relax your mind with this fidget gadget called Infini. This gadget has multiple repeating actions such as click, swipe, press, roll, knock, and friction. As a result, the addicting capabilities of this device help you to calm your mind and increase your productivity.

Get it on Kickstarter for US$39

Mount smart digital frame gadget for guys


Bring new feelings and vibes into your every day with this Mount smart digital frame. It is a touch support smart display with a cozy-looking wooden frame. However, it features a full HD display and has a built-in16 GB storage space. As a result, it can display multiple types of media types using its app.

Get it on Indiegogo for US$299

LapLok gadget for guys


The LapLok is a portable anti-theft device for your laptop. Working remotely and staying in a shared room with strangers? this is what you need. However, this table mount safety device acts as a security guard for your laptop. If someone tries to steal or move your laptop it makes a  100-decibel alarm to alert you.

Get it on Indiegogo for US$48

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