Goebike: Exercise equipment that combines a rowing machine and an outdoor bike

Traditional exercise bikes are great for cardio and calory burning workouts but that’s not going to shape your body. Because cycling only activates limited body parts such as thigh and calf muscles. However, the Geobike 2-in-1 is a unique exercise gear that combines an indoor bike, an outdoor bike, and a rowing machine.

As a result, it can activate many muscle groups while giving you a peaceful riding experience. This workout bike has three different riding modes. That includes cycling mode, rowing mode, and a mixed mode. The last option allows you to perform both the rowing and cycling actions simultaneously while you are moving.

This rowing machine is good for cycling

Likewise, the rowing mode uses the arm pedaling action to propel the bike forward. All you have to do is, just pull the handlebar with the rowing action. The gear and chain system inside the handlebar stem transmit the power to the rear wheel.


Meanwhile, the combination of cycling and rowing actions engaged more muscle groups in our bodies. That is to say, the Geobike 2in1 activates the arm, chest, abdominal, back, gluteus, and lower limb muscle groups at the same time. Moreover, the height-adjustable handlebar and seat bar allow anyone to adjust the bike depending on their body type.


Also, there is a nylon silent rollers under the seat to easily slide the seat front and back for rowing mode. Additionally, the bike is also equipped with a 7-speed adjustment and an anti-disengagement chain structure to secure the workout and ride. When comes to the dimensions, the Goebike rowing bike measures 1645x950x620mm and weighs 20kg.


Is the combination of a bike, an indoor cycling bike, and a rowing machine attract you? Then check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information. As I am writing this post, a pledge of US$449 will get you one Goebike. Their planned retail price is US$699.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Goebike in this video

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