Battery-Free Gimbal That Uses Hydraulic To Stabilize Your Camera | GravGrip

Have you ever experience numb hands from holding a camera or a smartphone in an awkward position for too long? The Gravgrip is a battery-free, compact size, waterproof mechanical camera stabilizer that uses a hydraulic mechanism to stabilize your smartphone or action camera.

However, it was invented by Kevin Thomas who spend almost 3 years to develop this device. Unlike ordinary mechanical gimbals, the Gravgrip uses hydraulic fluid to get a smooth video. Moreover, it was inspired by the hydraulic glove box lid in our cars.

Inspired by a Hydraulic Glove Box on Cars 

It’s compatible with almost any kind of smartphone and action cameras. Further, capture those buttery smooth cinematic shots with it’s 360° tilt or roll positions. It’s ultra-compact design measures only 30mm x 75mm x 87mm. So you can easily carry and access the stabilizer whenever the day demands.

All you have to do is, simply mount your smartphone or an action camera to the Gravgrip by using the adaptor. Then lock the camera in your preferred position by rotating the blue knob. However, it’s speed control system allows you to increase or decrease the rotation speed by moving the counterbalance weights up or down.

Once you fine-tuned the gimbal leave the rest to the gravity. So no-more struggling with annoying chargers and spare batteries to take those epic shots. Finally, the Gravgrip is ideal for vlogging, video chatting, and even take selfies. Currently, the project is on the Kickstarter campaign. If you are interested, then you can get the Gravgrip for a pledge of $35 USD on Kickstarter!

Watch the GravGrip in action

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