Grill Cleaning Tool | Grill Floss

This is a tool for cleaning your grill. this grill cleaning tool is called the “Grill Floss”. It allows you to clean both sides of the grill without flipping it over. This grill floss is supposedly safer than wire brushes. Because it doesn’t have bristles that can break off and potentially get in your food. With a clean cooking surface, you can grill until the cows come home.

It made with the 304 stainless steel. So that will outlive any brush. More than pays for itself with money saved on grill brushes. GrillFloss is a must-have tool for each barbecue devotee who takes pride in cooking over a clean grilling surface. Toss out your old wire brush and floss your grill with GrillFloss. And this tool can reach around and clean all sides of each barbecue grates. Keep your barbecue looking like new by using this Grill Floss bbq cleaning tool after each cookout.

It’s a top-rack dishwasher safe, so cleaning of this tool is very easy. It comes with a dual-sized grate cleaning head attachment and 20” handle for your comfort. You can clean all small and large round grill grates with this dual-sized grate cleaning head. The grate cleaning heads are replaceable. The total weight of the Grill Floss is 0.3 lb. So you can easily handle this without giving any force. Check it out!

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