How Hammock Boat Can Help You Live a Better Life

This boat is a comfortable hammock. It’s called MelloShip. The Hammock Boat has two hulls and a customizable deck. It can have up to two hammocks. They come with a built-in motor and are self-driving with GPS. Now you can relax on the hammock while floating on the water. The solar panel powered silent motors don’t pollute the environment. Enjoy your next outdoor trip in a whole new way with this hammock boat.

Riding in the melloship feels amazing. It’s like you are floating on air but you are really floating on water. You can swing as well and the boat won’t flip. There are many ways to customize the melloship to fit your desires. The strong and durable built-in seats allow you to make a dining table on the boat. And the stable floor option works for fishing. The double hammock attachments are really easy to setup. Just snap the metal rod in place and then you can set.

The total weight of the hammock boat without motor and battery is 145 pounds. This MelloShip boat can hold up to 500 pounds. They are portable and easy to carry. The inflatable pontoons are reduced in size to fit perfectly in the trunk of your car.

The boat allows you to hold the drinks in the cupholder. This must be the perfect way to relax with your partner in the afternoon picnic. MelloShip designed with safety features. Even you can do yoga in the hammock boat without the afraid of flip out.

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