This Handheld Vacuum Proves That Powerful Vacuums Don’t Need To Be Bulky! | Montanc

No-more using the heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner to pick up cookie crumbs or hair on the floor. The Montanc is an ergonomically designed handheld vacuum that has an extremely high suction power. However, this handy vacuum cleaner was invented by a team of ex-Samsung engineers.

Unlike ordinary handheld vacuums that have an average suction power of 2-5k Pa, the Montanc offers 15kPa with the help of its BLDC++ motor. It is surprisingly higher when compared to its weight 535g. It’s powerful and lightweight construction lets you cover the corners and edges which collect dust. Moreover, it has two different power modes.

Powerful vacuums are not heavy anymore!

Mode-1 will produce the suction power of 6,000 Pa and runs up to 30 mins once you fully charge. As well as the mode-2 will produce 15,000 Pa and works for 9 minutes on a single charge. Further, the Montanc is ideal to clean tight spaces, carpets, hard-to-reach areas, interior of your car, workplace, small houses, and family with pets or children.

Above all, you can easily clean the canister with the push of a button. Also, its HEPA filter and pre-filters are completely washable. That is to say, you can simply rinse the canister and filters and reuse once they stuffed with dirt. The three LED indicators near the power button let you track the battery level and indicates you when it’s time to wash the filter and empty the canister.

In addition, the built-in safety temperature sensor automatically turns off the vacuum when it works for a long. Finally, the whole package of the Montanc comes with a vacuum, charging station, crevice tool, cleaner head, extension wands, and a charging cable. Currently, this project is on the Kickstarter campaign. You can get one for the early bird pledge of $129 USD on!

Watch this Handheld Vacuum in action

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