Unique Hands-Free Umbrella Prototype That You Can Wear Like a Backpack!

Absolutely, rainy days are awesome! But the worst thing here is holding an umbrella in your hand when still having lots of things to carry. What if you could just have an umbrella over you while still keeping both of your hands free? Well, Anna Cserba made this possible.

However, AFTER YOU is a complete hands-free umbrella concept that protects you from the rain by hovering over your back and head while keeping both of your hands free. So you can carry more things or use your phone while having coffee on the other hand.

Wearable Umbrella!

Above all, it was designed by Budapest, Hungary based product designer ‘Anna Cserba’. She made this umbrella as a part of her course at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Her idea is to completely re-design the umbrella that we use every day. Meanwhile, the folding design of the ‘AFTER YOU’ has five rigid polycarbonate layers.

Once you attach the umbrella to your shoulders, it seamlessly protects the upper-body and head from rain. Not only for rain, it will give you either shade from the hot sun. However, it’s completely light in weight, comfortable, and is extremely resistant to mechanical impacts.

Further, this prototype is also perfect for people working in the hot sun all day. When not in use, the hands-free umbrella folds down for easy storage. Wearing it almost like a bag, so you can use both hands for work on the yard or garden, take photography, attend a sporting event, go fishing, and more while getting complete protection from sun and rain. Finally, this is just a prototype and not available for purchase.

Designer: Anna Cserba

Watch the Hands-Free Umbrella in action

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