Heated Seats | Portable USB-Powered Heated Seats Keeps You Warm

Now there is a to connected even at the sports stadium. The Hot Seat uses adjustable USB-powered ThermaGridz technology that both warms and relaxes your body. And the controller cable and beverage holder are hidden away for when you need them. The heat sitting range from 38-46 degree Celsius, it also has padded armrests and foam-filled back. It even has a waterproof, anti-slip bottom that keeps the chair in place.

These retractable chair can also expand to between 41 and 51 cm to accommodate people of different sizes. Now here is a better way to stay warm and comfortable on the sports stadium. The ‘Hot Seat’ is the comfortable heated stadium chair. This USB-powered seat uses thermal grids heating technology that will keep you warm anywhere. It’s steady padded design supports your back and arms and can makes even the longest coldest games totally enjoyable.

So instead of filling your pockets with hand warmers and wrapping yourself like mummy. Simply set you butt down on this Hot Seat. This seat produces far infrared rays that radiate deep into your body. Those easily accessible controls change between low(100f), medium (110f), and high (115f). Depending on the battery you use, Hot Seat can keep you warm for more than seven hours. It also comes with the 4 hidden pockets that can hold your phone and other gears.

The armrest provide support for your elbows and can hold a 25 ounce water bottle or a coffee. The fully adjustable backrest and full armrest support gives your body the support it needs to survive those long games. They uses the 30D foam on the bottom cushion. That is the highest quality foam for outdoor chairs. It is easy to use and also easier to carry. Check the Hot Seat on kickstarter!

Watch the Heated Seats in action down below:

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