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Now a days there are huge changes in high security door Locks with keypad section and remote association abilities. But a smart deadbolt can be still broken with four or five kicks. So the USA based company called ‘Haven’ invented this floor mounted smart door locks. This door lock is a step activated door barricade. It screwed in to the floor, So your door can swing over it. They are available in two different variations. One model is foot activated and another connects to Bluetooth. This door security plate designed to be 10x stronger then a deadbolt.

Haven WiFi Door Lock:

Haven door lock is a revolutionary military designed locking that’s ten times stronger then your deadbolt. It’s a new and innovative tool for better home security ans it’s so easy to use. The installation process only takes minutes. It sits at the entrance of your door ans is activated by stepping on a locking pedal. This door security device fits snugly in as hearted attacks through door windows. Most homes are only equipped with basic locks or deadbolts. And are not secured and preventing a break-in.

High Security Door Locks:

70% of home break-ins are through a door. Criminals can easily break through or use accessible tools for home entry. But with Haven you will be safe. A barrier wedge rises and uses the foundation of the home to firmly secure the lock in place. I was created using the military technology and tested to last 25 years. The upgrade version of this smart locking system is called Haven connect. The free app will be available for both Apple and Android devices.

This Haven Smart home locking system is completely different from other similar products, such as chains, bars, door jammers, and other swing locks. This device is purely made in the USA. Haven door lock is made from military-grade nylon, steel, delrin materials. And the dimensions are 30 inches wide x 3 inches deep x 0.8 inches tall. Weight of the smart door lock is 4.8 pounds. It’s completely water-resistant. The Haven Mech is a strong investment and an extraordinary expansion to your overall. Check the Haven WiFi Door Lock on!

Watch the Haven WiFi Door Lock in action down below:

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