This Humanoid Robot Builder Installs Drywall

In-case the humanoid robot builders on it’s way, construction workers might be a history subject for school children. Meet the Japanese humanoid robot HRP-5P. This robot can install drywall by their own. It was designed to carry out dangerous construction works to replace human workers. This robot uses object detection and motion planning to perform tasks.

Japan’s advanced industrial science and technology institute (AIST) Create this robot. But these robots are still in research phase. In future surly we can see the practical use of humanoid robots in building construction sites.

The body weight of this robot is 101 kg. So it cam provide more physical ability to handle larger objects. This humanoid robot builder will be more useful in assembly of huge structures, for example aircraft and ship constructions. Due to the declining birthrate and the aging of the human, construction industry will fall into serious manual deficiencies in the future. The height of the robot is 182 cm and have 8 degrees of freedom of each arm.

It have multiple joints concentrate in hip. So it contains maximum movable range. This robot uses a head complex sensor for 3D measurement of the environment. Even in situations where the field of view is restricted by work objects. Are worrying about a future robot apocalypse? At that point you could worry about the robot’s capacity to hold and work a battery-fueled screwdriver.

Watch the Humanoid Robot Builder in action down below:

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