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Now you can bring this lightweight inflatable drink cooler wherever you go even on the water. The coolAIR has numerous built-in features to make your outdoor trip easier and a whole lot more fun. It’s designed with a bottle opener, rubber grip handles, water drain system and a removable insulated compartment. You can easily inflate the cooler with air pump and deflate within seconds. And it’s unique insulation structure keeps the drink ice cold for days.  Unlike other bulky and heavy coolers, it’s lightweight and portable design perfect for outdoor events. And it doesn’t take more space to store.

Inflatable Drink Cooler:

It weights only 4.5 lbs. So you can carry this cooler to your camping spot without other’s help. This cooler can easily holds more then 60 cans init. It measures 25 inches in length, 18 inches in height and 17 inches in width. Once you deflate the cooler, it measures only 28 inches in length and 6 inches in height. So it will occupy only 1/6th of the space in your car when compared to other coolers. This inflatable cooler must be the perfect choice for RV camper, tiny houses, small car, tent and boats.

There is a puncher resistant material on the bottom of the cooler. So you can place the cooler on any type of ground surfaces such as grass, rocks, beach sand or even on the muddy camping surfaces. It reinforces heavy duty rubber handles provides more grip and comfort while carrying. And it’s creative insulated compartment holds the ice for up to 3 days.

Once you are done using your coolAIR, simply use the watertight drainage plug to remove the excess water. The whole pack of this cooler comes with a cooler, carrying bag and a small hand pump. You can get the inflatable cooler in three different colors such as aqua blue, desert sand and sunset orange. Finally, this cooler makes you a everyone’s best friend on your next outdoor trip. Check the coolAIR on!

Watch the portable Drink Cooler in action:

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