Inflatable Hunk Pool Float | Boyfriend Pool Float

This inflatable Hunk Pool Float might be your new boyfriend for this summer. It comes with the built-in cup holder to hold your drinks like your boyfriend do. It’s unique design has a red and white pool ring float and a hunky, shirtless guy blow-up doll on the top. And his muscly arms will protect you while you lounge in the center of this crazy float. This float measures 2.7 x 2.4 feet. So when you lounge across his arms, it looks like your boyfriend holding you romantically in the pool.

Inflatable Hunk Pool Float:

This boyfriend pool float is perfect for lonely swimmers who just need a summer romance. And it also suitable for pool parties, bachelor parties, or even pranks. This unique pool float made from sturdy rubber and can inflates in few seconds. This innovative pool float was comes from the company called ‘

It comes with a cup-holder on the ring, shirtless muscular guy with sunglasses and a six-pack abs. When you lie across his beefy arms, it’s seems your boyfriend holding you on his hands. Or you can simply lounge horizontally in to the tube. Finally, here is the perfect pool float for your friend, who heeds a boyfriend for an upcoming pool party. Check the Boyfriend Pool Float on!

Watch the Hunk Pool Float in action down below:

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