Easy kayak roof rack loader for car | EZ-Rec Rack

Now you can easily load up your kayak or any other camping gears for your next adventure with this unique roof top loading system. This kayak roof rack loader for car is called ‘EZ-Rec Rack’. This one person kayak loader will cutting the lifted weight in half. This car rack loader is perfect for loading kayaks, bikes, SUPs, or cargo.

Easy kayak roof rack loader for car:

The tilted angle of this roof rack loader allows you to only feel the 1/3 the weight of an item when lifting. So this must be the most versatile one-person roof top loader. The light weight and the durable design of this loading system ultimately helps you to enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about loading and unloading problems.

It’s made from the powder-coated high grade aluminum. So its light enough to lift and sturdy enough to securely hold your load. Unlike other traditional roof racks, it allows you to secure your kayak on the ground and then slide it from the back of your car. Length of the rack measures 81 inches. And it weights just 42 lbs.

Are you the kind of person that gets super excites by the upcoming vacation season. And getting disappointed when you realize that, you have to get all of those gears loaded by yourself. Then this EZ-rec rack will be the perfect gear for you. It will extremely eliminates the prospects of back pain, scratch your car while loading the heavy cargos like kayak. Finally, this roof top loading gear allows you to enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. Check the EZ-Rec Rack on Amazon.com!

Watch the kayak roller roof rack loader in action down below:

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