DIY Lego Man Costume for Halloween and Cosplay

Guarantee this Halloween is the most magnificent day of the year for your child by transforming them into LEGO man. These life-sized Halloween costumes are build by Brack Lee. He is a graphic artiest from Denver. He designed and created this costume when his son wanted a minifigure Halloween costume. This costume uses simple materials like hot glue and a foam camping pad. With his DIY eBook everyone can build the most accurate, highest quality full minifigure costume from head to toe.

He uses the foam camping mat for the base of the costume. They comes in both child and adult size. It will perfectly fits on kids with 48-54 inches tall. After the Halloween you can use this costume as a freestanding life-size replica that is a fun display piece for your home. The movement of this costume is just like an actual LEGO. It also a best fit for adults who are 62-70 inches tall. He provides the step-by-step instructions on how to craft a DIY costume.

The Life-like LEGO costume was created with the easy to use tools like hot glue gun, scissors, utility knife, paint brush, permanent marker, duct tape, measuring ruler. If you want some details and artworks then you can use the computer printer. This Lego man costume must be the dream comes true for every kids. Check this on

Watch the Lego Man Costume in action down below:

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