Light Up LED Basketball | Glow In The dark

The GlowCity makes the light-up LED basketball to play at night or indoors without the lights. The two high bright LED’s inside of the ball helps to glow at night. This light-up ball works with the impact-activated system. So it doesn’t require any button to turn on and off. Just bounce the ball to turn on the lights. And while not in use it will automatically turn off in 40 seconds. The two LED lights allow the entire ball to glow like the moon. 

The battery-powered light-up basketball comes with the batteries. These glowing system doesn’t affect your playing skills. This high-quality basketball looks feels and works exactly like a real and official sized basketball. All you have to do is, simply inflate the ball with an ordinary air pump and bounce it to activate the light. You can easily replace the batteries, so you can keep the fun going every year.

This innovative light-up LED basketball was created by a company called Glow City. Not only basketball, but they also make light-up footballs, light-up-soccer balls, and light-up mini basketballs. So your kids can enjoy almost every sport they love at night time. They provide the light-up basketball in three different sizes, they are Official size, size 5, and size 6. Check the GlowCity Light-Up Basketball on!

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