This Magnetic Charging Cable Always Away From Tangled Mess


What if the charging cable you use every day is a fidget toy? However, SuperCalla made it happen. Meet the uniquely redesigned charging cable which combines organized USB and fidgeting at once. Above all, it comes with the magnets along with them.

So you can easily coil and uncoil the cable with the snapping of the magnets which is satisfying and extremely addictive. As a USB cable, it provides fast charging, data transfer and is compatible with wireless charging devices. This neat and tidy cable comes in two different lengths like 3ft and 6ft.

Fidgeting USB Cable That Stays Organized

And, also have five connection type options. So it can work with almost any smartphones or devices. This magnetic charging cable mad from the high-grade materials and flexible silicone tubing. Unlike ordinary USB cables, the SuperCalla lets you uncoil just what you need.

So no more messy cable clogging in your drawers. These cables are invented by a team of four leads by Charles Harris. They have testes hundreds of different cables, connection types and design the unique magnets to make it possible. You can simply twist and fold the magnetic charging cable to fit in your pocket or backpack.

They are extremely durable and travel friendly. Moreover, it makes your workstation looks clean and organized. However, during brainstorming sessions it will be the perfect stressbuster. Finally, none of your office buddies will notice that there is a fidget toy on your table. It priced around $19 on!

Watch the Magnetic Charging Cable in action

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