Make Your Helmet Smart With This HUD Projector | EyeRide HUD

This device will provide an head-up display on your helmet to make your ride smarter and safer. EyeRide HUD is an innovative device that lets you check your riding information while keep your eyes on the road. Unlike smartphone which distracts your concentration on the road, the HUD projector completely avoid the reaction time to check metrics or map.

EyeRide HUD was invented by France based engineers who have also worked for popular brands. Not only as a head-up display, it also have GPS, hands-free kit and voice command recognition system. It’s directional microphone and 55mm 99dB flat speakers are powerful enough to get connected with other riders on the go.

Head-Up Display For Your Helmet

Surprisingly, it also features Spotify & Youtube music to keep you entertained. Moreover, the nano HD SONY OLED technology provides complete transparency and brightness. So you can easily focus on the road. EyeRide HUD is extremely light in weight and compact enough to fit almost any standard helmets.

It’s small button shaped controller stick directly on a handlebar or on a helmet with the help of magnet. As a result, you can launch voice commend or change music with the push of a button. It connects via Bluetooth on both Apple and Android smartphones.

The whole package of the device comes with a optical engine, a magnetic mount, a rechargeable battery, a sound unit and a USB-c charging cable. The battery takes tow hours to get fully charged and lasts up to 24 hours. Check the Helmet HUD on!

Watch the EyeRide HUD in action

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