ManMower | Manual Beard Trimmer | Pocket-sized Hair Trimming Tool

Now you can trim your beard anywhere on the go. Meet the ManMower, it’s a pocket-sized manual beard trimmer. It consists of two surgical-grade stainless steel barrels that counter rotate. The shearing action of this tool ‘mows’ your beard perfectly. The electric trimmers take time, space and get charged. And instead of bathroom they cannot be used anywhere. Also They will make massive mess after the trim.

But the Man-Mower is the pocket-portable, mechanically safe way to touch up your face. And it allows you to trimming away hairs at a festival, on the plane or on the way to a meeting. This trimmer made from the solid engineered stainless steel and silicon rubber. So it’s optimal for repeated use in shower. It doesn’t require water for the trimming process. Unlike other regular trimmer it doesn’t have battery, So you don’t have to charge every time.

It ultimately captures trimmed hairs until you dispose it from the dustbin. So it helps you to keep your place clean. It can easily fits in your pocket, so you can use it on the go. This maunal beard trimmer cuts to a uniform length all over your face, and won’t ever cut a shorter.All you have to do is, simply mow the trimmer on your face until you get a better look. Finally, nowadays clean shaving is completely optional, even in the work environment. Check the ManMower on!

Watch the ManMower Manual Beard Trimmer in action down below:

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