Microlino 2.0 | A Cute Electric Microcar Prototype With Improved Safety Features

Many of us travel alone or as a couple to the nearest destination like shopping malls. Apart from the family road trip none’s gonna travel more than 200 a day. So in my opinion, this fun-to-ride and cute-looking electric microcar will be the solution for that. Moreover, it will give complete protection from bad weather which you can’t get on e-bikes and scooters.

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG has successfully built and tested this micro electric vehicle prototype. However, it is an updated version of their previous prototype which is launched back in 2016. That is to say, both Microlino prototypes remind the Iso Isetta “bubble car” from BMW.

The Microlino 2.0 is the newest prototype that has some significant changes when compared to its previous prototype. First of all, they have chanced the LiFePO4-chemistry battery to the industry standard of NMC. This new battery pack gives more space to the passenger compartment ad makes the interior spacious.

Further, the tubular structure chassis replaced by the pressed steel and aluminum part. As a result, the vehicle is now sturdier and safer than before. Also, this two-seater electric microcar has its new permanent-magnet motor which gives15% more efficiency and power. Above all, the Microlino 2.0 can reach up to 90 km/h and offers a range of up to 200 km.

Due to the lightweight which is only 435 kg, this vehicle uses less than 60% of energy when compared to other electric cars out there. Its 2.4 m length and a unique front door allow you to cross-park in any tight space. Finally, it priced around 12,000 Euros (US$ 14,598). Their planned production of Microlion starts this year in collaboration with the Italian company CECOMP.

Source: Micro Mobility Systems

Watch this Cute Electric Microcar Prototype in action

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