CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S | Multi Function Jump Starter | Portable Jump Starter

This CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S is a multi functional jump stater. This compact, ergonomic, handheld device will start just about any vehicles with it’s 12 volt battery. The unique portable jump starter also have a escape tool, power bank, mega light, burglar alarm system and outdoor tool like compass. The creative flashlight shaped design easily fits into a cup holder, glove box, door pocket or console for easy access.

To start your cold out car, simply hook up the jumper cables to the corresponding positive and negative terminals and turn the key. As long as your battery life is still at 50% or more the multi-tool 3S will start your engine. Unlike other bulky and awkward jump starters, the cylindrical shape fits naturally into the human hand. It’s also an escape tool that breaks glasses and cut seat belt to save your life in emergency situation.

The escape tool and cutter are hidden, so kids can’t accidentally hurt themselves. These multi function jump starter also have a convenient compass and a burglar alarm. That makes a loud noise to scare off an attacker. And there is also a power bank that lets you charge your laptop or other device up to three times before needing to be charged itself. This handy Multi-Tool 3S also features an ultra bright mega flash light. So it’ll help you In case your car breaks down in the dark.

That light can shines up to 230 meters or 755 feet. This water-resistance, dirt resistance and shock resistance tool is a must have for every car owners for both convenience and safety. The mega flash light also acts as an SOS light and an emergency flasher. This multi function jump starter have three reflective bands that helps you to find it in the dark.  Check the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S Here!

Watch the Multi Function Jump Starter in action:

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