Why Multi Spindle Nutrunner Attachment is The Game Changer

The multi spindle nutrunner attachment removes all LUG nuts at once. This is the multi spindle drill head attachment. It was made by Jemms cascade, A company that specialized in nut-runner attachments. it runs on only one motor and it attaches to a drill. So all fastener start and stop at the same time. This must be the game changer for every mechanic who always need to loosen and tighten the nuts at his workshop.

You can use this multi spindle nutrunner attachment tool on wheel lugs, pulleys, flywheels even on the connecting rods. This nutrunner attachment is designed to fit any custom bolts patterns. It can adapt any bolts size up to 32 inches. The are starts simultaneously to remove all fasteners. All the fasteners are run in the single RPM. This attachment helps you to assemble all the nuts with a single action. The Multi Spindle start and stop at the same time.

Watch the video down below:

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