Nanobag 4.0, An Ultralight Shopping Bag That Is Super Convenient To Carry!

After several Kickstarter campaigns, the ‘Tiptop Things’ launches its new product called “Nanobag 4.0”. It’s a lightweight shopping bag that easily fits in your pocket. However, everyone tries to protect the environment by avoiding single-use plastic bags. But using the reusable bag makes us feel discomfort because of their bulky size.

Nanobag 4.0 is an ultra-light, strong, and foldable shipping bag that offers premium quality. Moreover, The fabric measures only .05mm in thickness which is less than a human hair. So you won’t even know or feel you are carrying a shopping bag. Above all, these bags are made from custom made nylon polymer fabric.

A convenient alternative for single-use plastic bags!

As a result, it can easily carry about 66lbs of weight. Likewise, it measures only 0.78oz when empty. However, Nanobag 4.0 comes in 6 different sizes and shapes such as standard, micro, mini, pack, sling, and XL. Each of them available in multiple patterns and different colors.

On the other hand, these bags provide 12-25 liters of storage space. So you can carry anything the day demands. It also features comfortable reinforced carrying straps, abrasion resistance, high-quality stitching, water & mildew resistance, and a small pouch.

Currently, the Nanobag 4.0 is on a Kickstarter campaign. And an early bird pledge of $10 will get you one bag on If everything goes as per the schedule, the delivery of this ultra-light bag will start in December 2020.

Watch the Nanobag 4.0 in action down below

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