Nomad Desk: Portable laptop desk for work from anywhere remote jobs

Nomad Desk

Nowadays, people can work from anywhere not only from home. Work-from-home employees can relax at the beach, campsite, or even in their backyard while doing their job with a laptop. ‘Nomad Desk’ is a height-adjustable portable laptop table that folds all the way down to fit in your backpack.

That is to say, when folded, this fully functional standing desk takes the size of the Macbook pro”16. France-based Richard HENG brings his creative idea comes to life by inventing this folding travel table. The table can adjust its height depending on the working environment and your needs.

In other words, this ultralight backpacking camp table features 15 levels of adjustability while having 10 inches of minimum height and 43 inches of maximum height. Also, the unique 180° adjustable feet design allows you to use the table on uneven surfaces and slanting surfaces.

Nomad Desk

When comes to the design aspects, the table is made up of Plexiglas and anodized aluminum. As I said earlier, the table measures 14.7×10.9×2.9 which is almost the same size as the 16-inch MacBook pro. When it is set to the mid-height, the table can hold up to 15.4 lbs (7kg) of weight which is ideal to put our picnic basket.

Nomad Desk

Unlike a folding suitcase table which is bulky and heavy, this lightweight folding picnic table weighs less than 3.5 kg when traveling in your backpack. Also, there is a locking clip to increase stability. Its one-button telescoping unlocking system release the aluminum legs to extend. Once you finished the work, simply fold the table and lock the folded position with closure magnets.

Nomad Desk

Furthermore, their Indiegogo campaign raised almost $79,315 USD from 337 backers. And their planned retail price for the Nomad Desk will be US$ 339.

Source: NomadDesk

Watch the Nomad Desk portable laptop desk in this video

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