The off-road mobility scooter Tectus is not only for the elderly


The Avvenire Tectus is changing the thought that mobility scooters are exclusively for the elderly. This fully enclosed, all-electric scooter is designed for everyone seeking a relaxed and stylish ride. Invented by Avvenire the Canada-based firm known for their unique-looking personal electric vehicles.

It’s a true all-weather AWD vehicle equipped with dual motors to conquer dirt, snow, and sand roads. Ideal for navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails. The fully enclosed design comes with a remote door opening system, built-in A/C and heater, and a range of storage options including a trunk, flatbed, or cargo box.

The Tectus is packed with high-tech features to enhance your riding experience. Enjoy a full-throttle ride with a reverse function, stay entertained with the stereo, and navigate seamlessly with GPS, and the alarm clock. The backup camera, solar charging, and autonomous driving features add an extra layer of safety.


With a fast charge time of as little as two hours and an impressive range of up to 160 km. The Tectus comes in two different variations, the TECTUS Deluxe and TECTUS Ultimate. Each offers its own unique set of features. The base model comes with 2000 Watts of power and a 2400 Wh battery.


That measures Length of 1990 mm, Width of 1020 mm, Height of 1790 mm, and a Wheelbase of 1409 mm. The scooter boasts a payload capacity of 175 kg, ensuring you can carry all your essentials. However, the base model of this off-road mobility scooter starts at US$6,995.

Source: Avvenire

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