This Oogie Boogie Costume Is Very Simply & Handmade

This handmade Oogie Boogie costume allows you to turn yourself into a Halloween’s most creepiest potato sack ever. This handmade adult Halloween costume based on the iconic villain from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. As we transformed from children into adults, we finally realized that these creepiest characters have made our childhood days evergreen. The Oogie Boogie Costume was completely hand made and designed to fit almost any sized adults. Surely he may not be the Pumpkin King but he is actually a boss.

Oogie Boogie Costume:

This unique halloween costume was created by ‘Steph’ and she sell them on her Etsy store called Deconstructress. She have made her first costume  when she bought a sample wedding gowns in 2005 and made Corpse Bride costume with it. This custom designed full body suit and mask was made from the great quality ‘burlap’ material. And also they are completely sewn by hands. Give your kids and your childhood friends nightmares by dressing up in the Oogie Boogie costume this Halloween.

This Nightmare Before Christmas costume is perfect for parties, pranks, and Halloween trick or treat. This extremely authentic look costume comes in two different pieces. It features a full bodysuit and full head breathable mask . The bodysuit has a back zipper, so you can easily wear it without other’s help. And you can simply attach the mask to the body suit by using the several bits of built-in velcro. It’s large black eyes provide a clear vision, so you can easily see out clearly. Finally, this creepiest potato sack will make Halloween great again. Check the Oogie Boogie suit on!

Watch the Handmade Adult Halloween Costume in action down below:

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