Origami Paddler, A Folding Paddleboard & Kayak Combo That Fits Into Car Trunk

When we think of kayaking, the first thing that comes to mind is to carry it to the spot. The Origami Paddler is a 9-foot stand-up paddleboard and a kayak combo that designed with transport and storage in mind. However, this portable folding paddleboard was invented by Tim Niemier who wants to change the way we carrying our kayak or paddleboard to the water.

Moreover, the origami paddler was made out of recycled, eco-friendly materials. That means this thing will join us in the fight against plastic. In addition, it’s folding design makes bringing a kayak or paddleboard on your adventure journey so easy. When not in use, you can easily store this kayak in your house and it doesn’t require any extra storage space.

Folding Paddle Board For Easy Transportation

It is ideal for an off-grid adventure, a day at the lake, and a beach trip. All you have to do is, simply fold the kayak and fit it into the car trunk. Once you reach the spot, just unfold and enjoy the moment. Meanwhile, it doesn’t require any tools for conversion.

However, the origami paddler measures 274cm in length and 91 cm in width. But once folded, it measures only 91cm in length and 81 cm in width. So it can easily fin in your car’s trunk. Further, it can hold up to 230lbs of weight. Surprisingly, this standing paddleboard & kayak combo has an adjustable, collapsable seat.

So you can easily convert the paddleboard into a kayak within seconds. Additionally, it has a twin fin system and footwells for a safe and smooth ride. Currently, it’s a thing of Kickstarter and raising funds. If you are interested, you can get one for the early bird pledge of $329 on Kickstarter.com!

Watch The Origami Paddler In Action

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