Extremely Lightweight & Inflatable Pack Raft | Uncharted Rapid Raft

This uniquely designed lightweight & inflatable pack raft is prefect for camping, exploring, and even survival. The Rapid Raft is the lightest and most packable raft created by the company called Uncharted Supply Co. Military grade construction of this packpack-friendly raft can comfortably holds up to 400 lbs of weight. Unlike other pack rafts, It doesn’t require any tools to inflate the raft. And in less then 30 seconds, anyone can easily inflate this unique raft to use it on water.

Extremely Lightweight & Inflatable Pack Raft:

This ultralight packraft only weights 30 lbs and measures 5′ x 5′ x 15′ in folded position. So it will perfectly fit in your backpack and you can easily carry around the raft wherever you go. The Uncharted Rapid Raft made from the coated polyurethane fabric. It also features inflation tube, roll closure and buckles to inflate the raft without any inflation devices. These two person packrafts are comes in tow different colors to chose from such as olive and red. Once you completely inflate the raft, it measures 72″ in length and 33″ in width. 

This lightweight & inflatable pack raft is ideal for quick water crossing, fishing, hunting, camping on lake side and even rescue people from flooding. You can also use this multi functional raft as a shelter and a sleeping bag. The Uncharted Rapid Raft is particularly designed for rapid deployment and re-packing to quickly cross waterways. It almost completely inflate using their quick fill technology. And it also comes with a top off valve that helps you to make sure the raft is at the perfect inflation level. Check the Uncharted Rapid Raft on Indiegogo.com!

Watch the Lightweight & Inflatable Pack Raft in action down below:

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