This Package Delivery Robot Walks Like A Human | Digit

We are almost in the future now! and it’s time to replace the package delivery persons with robots. We have already heard about the delivery drones and self driving delivery vehicles. But this complete autonomous robot was designed to walk like a humans to make doorstep deliveries. This humanoid robot is called the ‘Digit’. It was created by ‘Agility Robotics’ a company that’s working with ‘Ford’ to make package deliveries completely autonomous. Digit made from the lightweight material and surprisingly can hold up to 40 lbs of weight.

Package Delivery Robot

The Digit will stay on the trunk of a Ford self-driving vehicle. Once the vehicle arrives the package’s destination, the robot will automatically wakes up and pickup the package from the vehicle. Then it walk like a human from the car to the recipient’s front door to deliver the package. The 5-feet tall robot comes with some stereo cameras and LiDAR to easily navigate itself from the car to the door. Ford’s delivery vehicle acts as a main computing power by providing mapping information to the robot wirelessly.

Once the package delivery robot found an obstacle on it’s path, it will contact the vehicle to get an alternative navigation solution to reach the front door. Once it finish the delivery, the Digit will fold up it’s arms and legs tight to the body for storing itself in the trunk. And gets ready for an another ride. This robot can go up and down stairs, walk naturally through uneven terrain and even keep it’s balance if it bumps into something.

It’s super lightweight design allows it to work all the day. Although Digit can acts on its own without human interaction. As of now, it’s main purpose is to make package delivery automation. In future, we can use the Digit in a variety of jobs such as industrial inspection, warehouses, logistics and telepresence. Check the Digit on FordAgility Robotics!

Watch the Digit Robot in action

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