A Personal Holographic Display Anyone Can Use | Looking Glass Portrait

After the successful launch of first-generation holographic dev kits in 2018, the Looking Glass launched their new personal holographic display called ‘Portrait’. It’s a 7.9 inch holographic light-filled display frame with a 4:3:2 aspect ratio and 1,536 x 2,048 resolution. However, the Looking Glass Portrait uses the next generation of light field technology to generate 45 to 100 views of the scene to create a three-dimensional projection.

So the viewer can experience the 3D holographic perspective from every angle. Moreover, a team of artists, engineers, and inventors from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Hong Kong work together to invent this holographic display. They have spent almost 18 months on this project for everyone to have their own holographic display. The Looking Glass Portrait has two modes of operation such as desktop mode and standalone mode.

In desktop mode, it works like a holographic second display monitor powered by your pc. Likewise, in the stand-alone mode, it can run up to 1,000 pieces of holographic media with the help of the built-in Raspberry Pi 4. You can turn your iPhone photos into a hologram. All you have to do is, simply take a portrait photo with your iPhone. Then import the photo into HoloPlay studio which is compatible with both pc and mac.

That’s it, the HoloPlay studio uses the depth information from your single portrait photo and generates dozens for perspective to create a hologram. Not only an iPhone portrait, but you can also make holograms with panning 4k videos, turnable videos, RGB-D photos & videos. In addition, you can even directly import 3D file formats from Maya, Blender, Unity, and Unreal.

Above all, you can also record and share 10 seconds holographic video message to get closer to your loved ones. Currently, they are raising production funds over Kickstarter and already raised more than US$ 2,224,000. Do you love this holographic display? then get one for the pledge of US$249 from kickstarter.com!

Source: Looking Glass Factory 

Watch the Holographic Display in action

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