Extremely Portable & Personal Round Fishing Boat | Ultraskiff

This circular watercraft is a portable and personal round fishing boat. This unique small fishing vessel is called the ‘Ultraskiff’. The small and light weight design of the boat is perfect for fishing, hunting, or just going for a ride in summer. It comes with a rotating chair, a small motor, and a fishing rod holder. The fish pod platform is very versatile. That allows you to sit on a chair, cast a rod, or simply just stand.

Ultraskiff The Round Fishing Boat:

The Ultraskiff weights only 123 lbs. So ti’s easy to transport. Once you done fishing, then simply slide it, roll it and haul it back into your truck with minimum effort. It’s designed to provide more stability and comfort while you go out on the lake by yourself. The Ultraskiff 360 must be the perfect gift idea for fishing lovers and hunters for this summer. You can propel the boat by paddling by hands or simply attach a trolling motor to get around quicker.

This circular watercraft can holds up to 460 lbs of weight. The extreme stability of this boat allows you to stand around the edge or pull yourself from the water without tipping. This circular boat have multiple storage compartments to keep your fishing tools, food, foldable paddles, anchors, beer, survival gear, and life jackets safely. You can also keep your fish alive by keeping them in one of those compartment which is filled with water.

The light weight construction allows you to easily haul the boat in the back of a small trailer, pick-up truck, and a hitch-mounted carriers. Not only for fishing, you can also use this round boat for hunting events like duck hunt and more. This small personal boat measures 20 inches in height and 6 feet in diameter. It’s self stabilizing mechanism provides perfect balance, stability, equilibrium, and overall confidence while standing. Check the Ultraskiff360 on Amazon.com!

Watch the Ultraskiff Round Fishing Boat in action:

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