Turn Your Truck Into a Pool This Summer | Pick-Up Pool

Now you can enjoy the pool party this summer even on the go. Meet the ‘Pick-Up Pool’ which can completely turn your truck into a pool. It was invented by an Army vet and made in the USA. The vinyl lining covers the truck edges and sides to create a cool looking pool. Once you done simply unscrew the valve to drain the water from your truck bed. However, this truck bed liner installs easily into your truck bed. In addition, this above ground pool comes in two different sizes to fit small and regular truck beds. As a result, it’s a perfect addition to your next outdoor party.

Awesome pool liner for your truck bed

It was made form the PVC material which can stretch to fit the bed of your truck. All you have to do is, simply fill the bed up with the water. Then play and enjoy your outdoor trip. The pick-Up Pool is completely safe for your truck. Moreover, it folds over the edge so it won’t ruin the paint. The practically functional design comes with the builtin draining system. So, you can completely remove the water from your truck without any physical effort.

This fun pool is perfect for your tailgating and camping trips. And available in two sizes such as 5.5-foot short box and a 6.5-foot standard box. The vinyl pool liner and its color will give you the feeling of a real pool. And designed to install directly into your truck. They have used the thick 30 mil vinyl to create this liner. Meanwhile, it’s time to throw out that tacky plastic tarp and rope setups.

Are you searching for a perfect portable party accessory? Then the Pick-up pool must be your choice. It makes creating a pool out of your truck bed super easy. It’s time to upgrade our outdoor trip with this incredible tool. Finally, refresh the mood of your kids with this pool when they getting bored at the campsite. Check the pickup truck pool on Pickuppools.com!

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