PIVOT Bed | A Space Saving Bed That Turns Into a Full Home Gym!

When you want to do some exercise you’ll probably have to travel to the nearest gym or arrange a separate room where your workout equipment is located. It will get even worse if you are living in a small apartment or tiny house.

But what if you want instant satisfaction? The PIVOT Bed is a comfy and strong bed that opens up your existing space to reveal a complete home gym. It was invented & founded by Colin Montgomery in London, the UK to help everyone achieve their fitness goals at home, no matter how small their space.

However, this home gym and bed combo feature pull-ups, dips, a full-on power rack, a bench, and space for your weights. It requires no installation process and doesn’t attach anything to your wall. Once you have done the workout, simply lower the bed to a sleeping position to hide the gym underneath.

So none will notice that there is a complete gym under your bed. Moreover, it uses the powerful ‘gas struts’ to lift and lower the bed easily. Further, the pull-up and dip bars can hold up to 130kgs of weight while the power rack is withstanding 500kgs or more.

You can also attach your smartphone or tablet to the gym bed using velcro or a RAM Mount to watch exercise videos, zoom calls, virtual classes, or just watch Netflix. The PIVOT Bed made from powder-coated British steel. Currently, the PIVOT Bed is raising funds on Kickstarter with the goal of US$264,440. Meanwhile, a pledge of US$1,322 will get you one!

Source: PIVOT Fitness

Watch the PIVOT bed in action

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