Polarmond | A Personal Sleeping System with All-in-One Warmest Tent

Today’s gadgets and tech gears take modern camping to a higher level. That is to say, we can camp anywhere from muddy ground to some of the world’s coldest locations no matter how hard the weather is. Meet the Polarmond, an all-in-one tent sleeping system that allows you to camp comfortably in cold weather even there is -30°C outside.

The Switzerland-based start-up Polarmond has launched the self-warming tent in 2016. The design of this all-in-one sleeping system combines a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat. However, the main purpose of their invention is to protect the homeless from cold or freezing to death. Above all, this modular sleeping system can be modified depends on the weather or your needs. As a result, you can customize and use the Polarmond as a sleeping shell, bivouac, or even an all-In-one tent.

Moreover, the Polarmond trekking sleep system regulates temperature on its own by using the Dehumidification process. In other words, the sleeping room absorbs our body head and uses the heated air to keep the room warm. Also, you can adjust the temperature by open or close the zipper ventilation opening.

As a result, the person inside the tent will experience a warm temperature while there is -30°C outside. This single-person sleeping system has enough space to change your sleeping position. Further, the Polarmond has two different layers such as main insulation layer and a breathable membrane layer. The insulation layer is made up of high-quality synthetic fibres fleece.

Inside the tent, there is enough room to store your footwear, gloves, and clothing. Also, you can keep your food, drinks, smartphone, or other camping gadgets above zero temperature. Finally, the Polarmond will be the perfect personal sleeping system for outdoor activities like trekking, ice fishing, camping, expedition, and even scientific researchers who need to stay below zero.

Source: Polarmond

Watch the Personal Sleeping System in action

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