How Pop-up Toilets aren’t as Bad as You Think | London Urinals On Street

These pop-up toilets working together on a cleaner more hygienic in a city. Because this restrooms raise from the ground. The pop-up toilet company is based in the Netherlands. Their toilets are meant to prevent people from urinating in the streets. These comfortable toilets rise from the ground in busy hours and retracts wen they are no longer needed. The pop-up process takes only 25 seconds plus they automatically clean themselves 6 times an hour.

During the day the city is thriving bustling place. Business people hurry from one meeting to another, students rush to lectures, and tourists flock to museums, we shop, go out to lunch, and run errands. But city life doesn’t stop when a day is over. When night falls everyone needs change after a busy working day it’s time to relax. We exchange the office for the wine bar and the lecture hall for the pub. And even we have bought plenty of groceries.

Lively restaurants, bars, and clubs bring the city to life at night. We chill out with the glass of wine or beer and enjoy ourselves. But there aren’t many public toilets open at night, So what do you do when nature calls. Now Pop-up Toilets will helps you with It’s a retractable urinals. You don’t see them during the day but at night time when people are out having fun then the units pop-up and ready for use. And these urinals aren’t only for men. Urifilt is the worlds first urinal design for both men and women.

London Urinals On Street:

The Urilift consists of two male urinals and the women’s unit that fitted with the sliding door. When dawn breaks the Urilift disappears below the city streets and remains hidden throughout the day. The units are easy to operate they are raised and lowered at the press of a button. Several city councils are already using the Pop-up Toilets. It helps make the city livable, clean, safe and comfortable for local residents and visitors.

Another great feature about the patented pop-up toilet is that it can be installed anywhere. Because the units fits together like a telescope and doesn’t take up much space below ground. The Urilift is connected to the water supply. Urine is drained automatically and transported by rinsing water into the sewage system. The Urilift is also connected to the electricity grid. So that it can be operated lit and warmed to prevent freezing in winter.

The Urilift is very easy to maintain. It’s also durable and robust and it’s smart design makes it vandalism proof. When night is over and it’s job is done the Urilift simply vanishes clean out of sight below ground. The concrete cover is available in any color and type so that the Urilift simply blends in with the rest of the street. During the day traffic and people can simply use the street as usual.

Watch the Pop-up Toilets in action down below:

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