Easy Popcorn Ceiling Remover | Texture Terminator

This popcorn ceiling remover helps you to quickly remove a popcorn ceiling while reducing the mess. Meet the Texture Terminator. This ceiling texture scraper features a steel blade that scrapes the popcorn ceiling off. While a plastic bucket collects the debris. It’s created by soleta products. Now everyone has got a good ceiling about this.

Moreover, you can easily remove ceiling texture using stainless steel blade scraper. The easy connect extending pole can adjust from 36″ to 72″. So it will make overhead works more comfortable. And the waste containment system that collects debris in an attached container.

Quickest Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool

If anything sticks, give it a shake. However, the metal edge enables the Texture Terminator to effortlessly scrape away unwanted ceiling surfaces using minimal effort and it will save your time.

Contractual worker review item built to be strong and simple to use. The Texture Terminator will dispense with 90% of the mess, saves cleanup time and so much more. This uniquely designed popcorn ceiling remover is made in the USA. The handles are adjusted quickly to accommodate operator and ceiling height.

The texture terminator Designed with an open-top on it for the easy dump. The debris out approximately 240 square feet in about 40 minutes. You have to cover the side walls to avoid getting dirt. The popcorn ceiling removal is very joyful and satisfying for many people! Check the Texture Terminator on Amazon.com!

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