Best Portable Massage Gun For Athletes | TheraGun

This portable massage gun treats your sour muscles. It’s called TheraGun. They particularly design this massage gun for athletes. The tool loosens your muscle and relaxes tendons. It also breaks up scar tissues and reduces lactic acid for a quicker recovery. TheraGun is a handheld device that treats muscle pain. It uses vibration therapy to relieve muscle sourness and accelerate recovery. It’s like a power tool for your muscle.

Using TheraGun is like giving your muscles a deep tissue massage. It also increases blood flow in your whole body. The device has adjustable angles for hard to reach places. Dr. Jason Wersland invented TheraGun after a motorcycle accident left him with disc herniation. He wanted to create an effective at-home treatment device for patients. The TheraGun is perfect for chiropractors, physical therapists, trainers, and athletes.

The benefits of this massage gun are. It increases the blood flow, decreases lactic acid. And interrupts the pain cycles in the brain. This uniquely designed massage tool is lightweight, easy to use, battery-operated. You can take this handheld device to anywhere. You can change the angle of the massage gun in six different ways. Or you can massage with the pre-set 90 degrees. The chargeable batteries are long-lasting.

TheraGun is really simple and adjustable. That must be a big part of what you on a daily basis. You have to treat your body for 60-90 seconds. a full-body session can be completed in 15 minutes. Every athlete need to loosen their muscles in a unique way. Check it out! And the formula to build your muscles is 70% diet and 30% workout.

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