Portable Smartphone Printer | Print On Anything, Anywhere | PrintPen EVEBOT

This unique portable smartphone printer allows you to print on almost anything, anywhere. It’s called the ‘PrintPen’ created by the company ‘EVEBOT’. This pocket-size ‘Printpen’ provides full freedom to transfer your ideas from your brain to the real-world objects. The instant mini-phone printer is perfect for create wall art, graffiti, DIY a pillow, create a custom collage coffee-mug,  or even do your daily paperwork on the go.

It’s completely rechargeable, lightweight and works with any standard smartphone. So you can carry your own portable and function printer wherever you go. It allows you to visualize your creative ideas on almost any kind of material such as textiles, paper, ceramics, glass, metal, wood, leather and even on your skin.

Portable Smartphone Printer On The Go

Unlike other printers, unique design on this PrintPen can easily print on any rough, uneven or textured surface. It also can be used for industrial purposes like print QR CODE on packages.  The smartphone app for this ‘Printpen’ has tons of unique designs and also allows you to create your own design to print.

It’s 26 mm super large print head extremely covers maximum space to print both texts and artworks at some time.  This ‘Printpen’ comes with four different types of ink and two types of ink cartridges. The entry-level cartridge comes with a  skin-friendly ink and fluorescent ink. The professional-grade cartridge comes with a standard-dye ink and ECO-solvent ink. These kinds of permanent inks are best for glasses, acrylic, aluminum and other metals.

It is very easy to operate and use. All you have to do is, simply Connect your smartphone with the printing device by using the EVEBOT app and wifi. And upload your custom image or type texts on the app. Then simply swipe on the surface to visualize your creative work. The cartridges are easily replaceable and available in multiple different colors. And the whole device measures 17.4cm x 5.3cm x 3cm and weighs only 255g. So it’s extremely small enough to fit in your pocket.  Check the PrintPen on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Handheld Phone Printer PrintPen in action:

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