Best Portable Washing Machine for Camping & RV’s | Lavario

This unique non-electric portable washing machine is perfect for camping, RV’s, and almost every outdoor events. It’s called the ‘Lavario’ and it can holds up to 5 gallons of clothing. Any one can easily handle and operate this hand power washing machine. All you have to do is, simply add some warm water and detergent to the container. And cycle up and down about 10 times. It’s patented up-and-down motion drives the water through the fabric. So you can wash your cloths and take laundry day with you wherever you go.

Best Portable Washing Machine for Camping | Lavario:

The ‘Lavario’ camping clothes washer is completely hand-powered, lightweight, and non-electric. But this Eco-friendly washer can surprisingly washes your clothes just as well as any big electric washing machine. It’s unique up and down motion mechanism has an amazing cleaning power and it doesn’t require any physical strain from you. Because it’s revolutionary design allows gravity to do most of the work. It is completely a new way to wash a small load of laundry at home, camping or anywhere you want to take it.

So if you are living in an apartment without a washer and dryer. Or if you like to hand wash your delicate and want more Eco-friendly way to wash, then Lavario is your perfect alternative. It is very easy to use in a bathtub with a sink or outdoors. Once you finish the washing, simply remove the cap from the bucket to drain. It’s perfect for mobile homes, cabins, and RV life. This hand powered washing machine is ideal to wash cloth diapers, fresh work uniforms, construction cloths, and pet blankest outside the family washing machine.

This unique manual camping washing machine only takes 15 minutes to wash and rinse. The 5 gallon basket easily handles the equivalent of a small load in an electric washing machine. And allows you to manual clean cloths while your hands never touch soapy water or bleach. It’s made from virtually unbreakable plastic material. And it is very compact, So it can easily fits in the closet or in the RV. Finally, no-more dirty cloths or back breaking washing experiences while camping. Check the Lavario on!

Watch the Portable Washing Machine in action:

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