Respira A Smart Air-Purifying Garden That Brings Nature Indoors!

So, are you looking to get rid of the polluted air inside your home? But, want to do that in a very natural way? Then the Respira smart air-purifying garden is what you need. It’s a uniquely designed automated pot plant that filters the air and removes dust and large particulate matter with a reuseable pre-filter.

Also, it will trap volatile compounds like microbial bacteria and break-down toxins from the air through a process called biofiltration. Not only improving the air quality, but the Respira also can reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase humidity by bringing nature to your living room. This is how it works! this smart planter pulls the air through the top.

Once the polluted air passes through the pre-filter it removes the dust and large particulate matter. Above all, the biologically active root zone will capture and destroy airborne toxins with the help of beneficial organisms. However, it is an IoT-enabled system. So you can connect the system to your home network and monitor plant health to Keep the home healthier for you and your family.

Moreover, this device features 5 inch LCD screen, 15W LED glow light, a fan with 86.5cmf, 13 plant slots, 16L water basin, and a wall-mount option. Instead of soil, it uses hydroponic grow media. As a result, it allows water, air, and nutrition to easily assess the root without making your home dirty.

Further, it requires only minimum maintenance, and this system automatically water itself. That is to say, the water basin needs to be refilled every 10 days and refill nutrients every 6 months. Currently, the ‘Respira’ is raising funds on Indiegogo. An early bird pledge of  US$680 will get you one.

Source: Respira

Watch the Air-Purifying Garden in action

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