Retractable Toilet Seat | Hide The Foldable Toilet On The Wall

This unique retractable toilet seat is perfect for tiny houses RV life. The foldable toilet seat is called the ‘hidealoo’. It collects the water from your sink into the cistern for the toilet. Then reuse the waste water for flushing. This foldable potty seat was designed by Monty Ravenscroft, a designer specializing in moving elements in architecture. There are three different models are available. The first one is a stand-alone model which can fixed under your sink. And the second model is fixed under the shower. Then the third one looks exactly like a household furniture while in folded position. 

Retractable Toilet Seat | Hidealoo :

So you can take space saving to the whole new level with the extremely retractable toilet seat. Now you can simply tuck your toilet pan under a wash hand basin, rotate the toilet seat into a shower wall, slide it under the stairs and fold it into a wardrobe to completely hide away when it is not in use. That allows you to totally expose the unused space in your home. This folding toilet seat is perfect for tiny house lovers, RV lovers, and an Eco-friendly peoples who wants to live a huge life into the tiny space.

By using this fold up potty seat you can increase the hygiene level of your home as well as increase the living space. And anyone can install this toilet easily. All you need is, a good level of DIY experience and follow their step by step instruction. The Hidealoo toilet seat can holds up to 170 kgs of weight. And it weights only 30 kgs. The size of his toilet similar to the size of a standard shelf. Finally, the revolutionary design of this toilet will allows you to hide away the potty seat and extend the valuable living space of your tiny home. Check the Hidealoo here!

Watch the Foldable Toilet in action:

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