This Reusable Shopping Bag Fits in Your Pocket | Nanobag 3.0

Now it’s time to replace the single use plastic bags with this Eco=friendly reusable shopping bag. This light weight, strong and extremely foldable tote bag is called the Nanobag 3.0. You can simply fold the bag and carry it in your pocket when it’s not in use. So no-more carrying a giant empty bag on your shoulders every time for shopping. This uniquely designed grocery bag can holds up to 66lbs of weight and have 18 liters of space.

Reusable Shopping Bag Fits in Your Pocket:

Everyone knows that reusable bags are environmental friendly. But the problem is, they are uncomfortable to carry because of their bulky design. Unlike other reusable bags, the Nanobag 3.0 is very compact and portable. It’s super-soft fabric allows you to easily folds into your pocket wherever you go. These cute reusable shopping bags are available in 12 different graphics designs and colors. 

These bags are made from the diamond ripstop fabric material. So they has an extreme weight to strength ratio. And it’s reinforced handle design distributes the weight evenly on your shoulder for more comfort. The thickness of the fabric measures only 0.002 inches. So it folds easily and is comfortable to carry the weight. This water resistant shopping bag weights only 20.7g when empty. Check the Nanobag 3.0 on!

Watch the Nanobag 3.0 in action down below:

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