Scewo BRO: An electric stair-climbing power wheelchair for elderly & disabled people

Scewo BRO

Accessing and using stairs are quite challenging for wheelchair users. Scewo BRO is a power wheelchair that carries disabled people and elderly people on the stairs. However, this stair-climbing wheelchair was created in 2017 as a former student project of ETH and ZHdK.

Simply push the button to activate the stair ascending mood once the wheelchair user approaches the stairs. Also, there is a joystick that allows the rider to move further and helps the seniors to keep their movement in control. There is a rearview camera and a set of sensors that keep analyzing the surroundings for safety and a better experience.

Yes, there is a wheelchair that can climb stairs!

Furthermore, the Scewo BRO rotates the chair to maintain the seating angle when climbing up or down the steps to keep the rider upright. Likewise, the motorized wheelchair can climb stairs with a maximum gradient of 36° at a speed of 30 steps per minute.


On a flat surface, this stair climbing power wheelchair moves at a speed of 10km/h. On the other hand, it has a 35km of range with a single charge. Moreover, it can easily pass through obstacles with a maximum height of 5cm. As a result, it is suitable to take a relaxing walk on the uneven surface of the woods.


The Scewo BRO comes in three different colors including Sahara Gold, Polar White, and Urban Grey. It is also equipped with LED headlights, tail lamps, and turn indicators. All the above is for safely communicating with other vehicles on the road. Not only climbing stairs, but you can also easily access the top rack up to 89cm in the supermarket and reach as low as 44cm with the push of a button.


There is a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to adjust the speed, and seat and change the mode remotely. Also, there is a USB-C type charging port on the wheelchair to recharge your smartphone or gadgets. Finally, on July 10, 2020, in Winterthur, Switzerland, they handed over their first stair-climbing power wheelchair to their customers.

Source: Scewo

Watch this stair-climbing power wheelchair in action

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