Scout E-bike Camper Trailer Takes Bikepacking To Next Level!

So do you want to get out of town and do some camping but you also want to escape the heavy traffic of busy and crowded urban life? Well, I got some news for you! The scout camper by ‘CreaCon’ is an ultimate bike camper trailer that takes bikepacking to next level.

However, this ultralight and bike-sized camping trailer is a combination of RV and backpacking. That is to say, it has enough space and shelter for one adult to get a relaxing and comfortable night of sleep at your camping spot. Not only as a ‘Scout’ camper trailer, but it can also be used as a bicycle ‘Tough’ trailer when you are shopping or transporting.

Moreover, the setup and dismantle of the camper has only five stages and takes less than three minutes. Above all, it raises you about 50cm above the ground and provides an entirely waterproof and safest place to sleep. The Scout Center is made from sandwich elements “CarPlan Construct” from ‘Stadur’.

That makes the camper as lighter as only 47 kgs and sturdy enough to offer 81 kgs of payload. Underneath the bed, there are three different compartments that offer up to 550 liters of storage space for equipment, food, and luggage. When folded, it measures 1.435 mm in length, 950mm in width, and 990mm in height. In other words, it is very easy to tow in crosswinds and offers a clear rear view to the rider.

Further, this scout bike camper trailer is ideal for overnight camping, weekend trips, fishing, a beach day trip, and other outdoor activities. Finally, there are multiple different variants and combinations are available. As of the ‘Creacon’ website, the Scout Center model priced at about €4,700 (approx. US$5,718).

Source: CreaCon

Watch the scout bike camper in action!

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