SDREAM Ur Folding E-bike May Offer The Smoothest Ride You’ve Ever Felt

Now you can get a new way to seeking around the streets with this ultimately portable electric bike. The Sdream Ur is an uniquely designed folding ebike for urban exploration. It’s innovative rubber anti-vibration damping system will provides the smoothest ride while you are rushing through the crowded city. Because the suspension can absorb 95% of the impact for an extreme user comfort. It’s made from the rust-resistant magnesium alloy. So it weights only 36.6lbs which is extremely light enough to carry around.

Smoothest Folding E-bike to ride:

The SDREAM uses the 500W brushless dc motor and a 36V 7.5 Ah battery to generate the power. So you can reach up to 20mph while powered by electric. And can reach up to 25mph while manpower pedaling. It’s rechargeable battery hidden into the seat post. The detachable seat post battery allows you to charge your bike anytime, anywhere without taking the whole bike to the power socket. Surprisingly this Eco-friendly bike provides a 50 miles trip on a single charge.

Unlike other ordinary electric bikes, it’s folding mechanism allows you to fold the ebike to a third of its volume within few seconds. The magnetic suction button keeps the bike on the folding position while you take it through the crowded metro or in the trunk of your car. They have attach the hidden motion sensor to this bike. So if someone tries to steal your bike you will receive an instant notification on your mobile. And you can also monitor the bike’s location via GPS tracking system.

The SDREAM Ur folding e-bike also features 5 speed gear shifting, hydraulic disc breaks, torque sensor and a delicate LED dashboard. They are available in four different colors such as space gray, navy, sparkling red and blazer. This urban electric bike measures 149cm length x 107cm height in a e-bike mode. And also measures 90cm length x 77 cm height when its completely folded. Finally, here is a perfect handheld e-bike for a frequent traveler to explore the urban adventure.  Check the SDREAM Ur on!

Watch the SDREAM Ur Folding E-bike in action

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