Smallest UV Light Sterilizer Work With Your Smartphone | UVGLO

Do you love sanitizing your stuff every day, and want to take your cleaning kit everywhere with you?. Then this smallest portable ultraviolet UV-C sterilizer must be the perfect match for you. The UV-C light is efficient including different kinds of germs, viruses, molds, and fungus. However, this smartphone UV light is super tiny and allows you to bring it anywhere.

UVGLO is designed to lead-free and eco-friendly. The slow thermal resistance prevents ions from overheating damage and gives you proper safety. This UV light sterilizer comes with lighting and type C version, So it perfectly supports both Apple and Android devices.

Kill viruses on the go with this smartphone UV Light

It doesn’t require and battery and once you plugged it to a smartphone, It automatically radiates sanitizing UV-C light beams. It works perfectly on any kind of surface you would come into contact with. The UVC light has an ability to kill MRSA bacteria, as well as the aerosolized H1N1 virus. So the UVGLO UV-C light sanitizer can protect you and your family from the deadly and harmful germs.

All you have to do is, simply wiping out harmful germs on the exposed surfaces like dinnerware, toilet, door handle, electronics, and toothbrush in a matter of seconds. UVGLO requires only 0.4W power to glow which is extremely the same amount of energy that an extra app running on your smartphone. It’s a compact and innovative design makes it looks like an ordinary USB flash drive.

If you want to disinfect anything properly, then simply wave the UV light sterilizer slowly from 0.4 inches away for at least 10-15 seconds. Unlike other sanitizers, UVGLO doesn’t use any alcohol or chemical. So it is completely safe for your health. Check the UVGLO on!

Watch the Smallest Sterilizer in action down below:

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