The Snare System Robs The Opportunities Of Porch Pirates

All over the world, porch pirates are searching for a peaceful and easy front door porch to steal the package as quickly as possible. Some of us believe doorbell cameras will stop them. But they can’t directly interrupt crime and protect the parcel before it gets stolen. However, Snare is a simple, secure, and removable package security system that gives you confidence that your parcel will be waiting when you arrive home.

The Canadian entrepreneur Dennis Evans wants to solve a problem that he had personally experienced. So he comes up with an idea of Snare. It’s a nickel-plated cam locking system and a 7×19 stainless steel aircraft cable compo designed to be mounted on a solid surface to protect your package.

Stealing is not going to be that easy anymore!

Moreover, the adjustable cable length can secure almost any size package. Porch Pirates are looking for an easy target, they don’t wanna struggle with the difficult one. The idea here is to delay the thieves and discouraging them from the crime of opportunity. Moreover, the high-quality materials of the snare make the package extremely difficult to remove.

Unlike other expensive package security system which is very complicated to operate for a delivery person, the snare is very easy to use. All you have to do is, simply latch the snare to its bracket and place your order with delivery instructions. Once the package delivered, you can unlock the snare and remove your package.

Further, the snare bracket can be installed to almost any sturdy surface such as rock, siding, railing, and more. Currently, the snare security system raising funds on Kickstarter. Do you like it? Then you can get one for the pledge of CAD$69 (US$51) on!

Watch the Snare System in action

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yandel September 2, 2020 - 4:20 am
Can a symetrically shaped box not be kicked straight out of its wrap?
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