Solar Charging Hat | Solar Panel Phone Charger Cap | SOLSOL

Now there is no-more dead phone when you wearing a ‘SOLSOL’ cap. It is a solar charging hat which can charges your phone. This solar panel phone charger cap ultimately cures battery in your mobile devices and reduces your carbon footprint. The SOLSOL cap is compatible with both apple and android smart phones. Not only phones, the solar power hat also charges iPads, tablets, GoPros, battery banks, Bluetooth speakers and more. This hat doesn’t have any battery, So it is completely safe to wear.

How the Solar Charging Hat works:

The SOLSOL hat is perfect for beaches, music festivals, sporting events and camping trips. It makes you feel confident about the battery life of your devices. This portable charging cap uses the clean and renewable solar power to charge your devices. All you have to do is, simply connect they mobile device into the USB port of the hat. Then the solar panels catches the sun’s light. And sends that energy to the regulator which directly charges devices with 5 volt charging capability.

This phone charger cap doesn’t contain any battery to store the energy. So it’s completely non toxic, zero radiation and ultimately helps you to reduce your carbon foot prints. No one wants to the battery life of their devices to dictate their plans and daily activities. That’s why one of the most fashionable accessory in the world was turned into a futuristic wearable technology. This cap charger can charge a large variety of currently available mobile devices without the use of a battery. The hat made from 100% cotton material and it’s very comfortable to wear. Finally, never let your smartphone and other mobile tech dying during your outdoor get-togethers. Check the SOLSOL hat on! 

Watch the Solar Panel Phone Charger Cap in action down below:

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