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Protecting yourself is the best way to protect your loved ones in challenging situations. Carrying personal hand sanitizers when you get out of the house for inevitable reasons is the easiest way to protect yourself from harmful germs. But carrying the bulgy sanitizer bottle is not that easy.

However, PumPiX is a compact and wearable hand sanitizer that provides complete freedom to your hands. It attached to your hand like a watch or wrist band. This spider-man’s web shooter style sanitizing dispenser sprays a correct amount of liquid with a push of the button. Moreover, it’s completely refillable.

Disinfect Your Environment Like Spider-Man!

So no more single-use plastic containers that end up with landfills. Above all, when the PumPiX is filled with disinfecting liquid it can seamlessly provide more than 100 sprays throughout the day. The PumPiX is extremely small and comfortable to wear. It measures exactly 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches and weighs 35 gr. Further, it can able to hold 0.4 oz of disinfecting liquid.

The ergonomic design of this device suitable for both men and women with any age group. However, the flexible, chick and adjustable straps are completely breathable and easily absorb sweat. So the PumPiX is ideal for running, jogging, cycling, and gym workout in a pandemic situation.

By accessing sanitizers literally at your fingertips, you may protect many lives according to our current situation. The PumPiX may be the perfect solution for essential workers who can’t stay at home. This wearable fashion gadget with a liquid sanitization dispenser offers hands-free sanitizing. The PumPiX starts at $29 on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Wearable Hand Sanitizer in action

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