Star Wars Tent | Death Star 3 Person Camping Tent

Now you can take your camping trip to a hole new galaxy by using this star wars death star camping tent. Every star wars geek probably needs this death star camping tent and it’s also a perfect gift idea for star wars fans in your family. It’s officially-licensed tent design makes it looks like an adorable and exact replica of the notorious Death Star. It have enough space for 3 people to comfortably sleep.

Star Wars Death Star Camping Tent:

The death star tent made from the high-quality oxford polyester material. And it uses the fast click assembly frame system. That allows you to set up tent frames, inner sheet and groundsheet in less then 2 minutes. This unique star wars tent was created by the company called ‘The Monster Factory’. This tent also features 1K hydrostatic head waterproofing, insect netting, knuckle click one-piece mechanism, Inner and outer door for ventilation.

It have a internal hook in the top of the tent, So you can hand torch lights or other stuffs. And you can keep your mobile phones, tablets and other electronic items safely on the pocket storage. The entire camping system comes in a waterproof carry bag for easy transport or storage. When your setup is done, the tent measures 3.77 feet in height and 10.4 feet in diameter. Finally, it weights just 17.6 lbs. Check the Death Star Tent here!

Watch the Death Star Tent in action Down below:

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