Sunsa Wand, A Smart Wand To Automate Your Existing Blinds

Currently, every startup tries to make our home even smarter in a minimalist and inexpensive way. Well, the Sunsa Wand is one of them. However, it’s the simplest and affordable device that automates your existing blinds within two minutes. It is very easy to install and you won’t have to use any special tools for the installation process.

To upgrade your current blinds all you have to do is, simply replace your classic blind’s wand with the Sunsa Wand. Its motorized mechanism automatically tilts the blinds to open or close. So you can control your blinds anytime no matter where you are. That is to say, Sunsa creates a particular iPhone and Android app to control the blinds from your smartphone.

Automate Your Existing Blinds

Likewise, you can able to schedule the open and close time of your blinds. That helps you to wakeup on to sunlight and close it automatically when its time to bed. The interesting thing here is, the scheduling system makes it look like someone in your home when you are far from the town.

This device supports almost any kind of standard blinds with a wand and tilts including vertical, horizontal, and even mini blinds. This smart wand gets the power from 4xAA batteries. In addition, you can get a solar power adapter or a wall charger to seamlessly power the wand.

Further, the sunsa wand also features a light sensor, temperature sensor, and wifi. It was designed to work with your voice. So you can control your blinds with your voice command. Currently, the sunsa wand raising funds on Indiegogo. Do you want to automate your existing blinds? An early bird pledge of $84 will get you one!

Watch the Sunsa Wand in action

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